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We officially opened our doors in 2015, after noticing a gap in the market for an honest, efficient and reliable dairy services provider that farmers could always rely on.


We started the business from our garage in Dennington, three days after we got married. We both worked two jobs until the business got moving – Damian worked in the business on the tools during the day and drove a tractor of an evening. Gemma worked as a personal trainer during the day and did all the advertising/marketing for the business of an evening. We both milked cows together of a weekend to stay afloat.


Our first contract was the construction of ‘Cooramook Dairy’ in Grassmere for The Midfield Group, and it snowballed from there. The inclusion of staff as we grew, the acquisition of ‘Lely Centre SW’ in 2018, and our own shed in 2019 brings us to where we are today – as an award winning and internationally recognised dairy services company servicing over 500 active clients.


From our humble beginnings, we have grown to a team of more than 20, inclusive of qualified dairy technicians, fabricators, stainless steel welders, robotic technicians, chemical specialists, apprentices and support crew.


It is important to us that we never forget our mission, where we came from and why we started – to provide a high quality, honest and reliable service that our clients can rely on.


These values are reflected every day in our work, our reputation, and our irreplaceable team.


Damian and Gemma Loomans

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